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2 year old development activities

2 year old development activities

2 year old development activities

Are you looking for 2 year old development activities? Remember that a stitch in time saves nine. The things they learn at this stage in life will largely determine who they become in life. Therefore, occupy them with the right activities. You may be disappointed when you look at your 2 year old development checklist, but do not worry, it could only be a phase that would fizzle out.

Making time for reading with your child every day has so many benefits. You’re exposing her to new words and ideas. You’re helping her develop pre-reading skills, such as matching the story to the pictures and identifying letters. And it’s a terrific way to snuggle and spend time together. A particularly good kind of book to look for: rhymes, in the form of stories (like The Cat in the Hat) or short nursery rhymes (like “Mother Goose”).

A wonderful way to enhance your child’s language development is with rhymes. Alliteration, word play, and rhyme tune your child’s understanding of subtle differences between words and build vocabulary.

They help boost auditory memory, an important pre-reading skill, and develop rhythm, too. The word pictures drawn in familiar rhymes become both fascinating and familiar. Not least, reading and singing rhymes lets your child know that words can be funny and fun!

There’s good reason Dr. Seuss books are universal favorites. The vocabularies are simple but the rhymes are pitch-perfect. In addition to rhyming storybooks, look for books of classic nursery rhymes or books of children’s poems. There’s a wide variety: counting rhymes, rhymes with finger play, and those with silly tongue twisters. It’s also great to sing familiar rhymes, which offers many of the same benefits. (Your pitch doesn’t matter in the least.) Having said this, let’s talk about the best games for 2 year olds.


Some of the activities that you can teach a 2 year old include:

  • Sort items by color. Find a set of similar items and sort them by color. A few ideas include Lego pieces, magnets, blocks, cars—anything you’ve stored in a box. Start the task and ask your 2 year old to help you sort them by color. This activity will build and open their minds to the fact that colors play an important part in life.
  • Count everything. Play a game of counting everything. You can start with any item, cars, clothes, in fact, any opportunity to count you come across, even climbing a set of stairs.
  • Letters in the tub. A fun toy I got my kids was a set of foam pieces of the alphabet (this is the one I got). I was able to introduce them to letters and even spell simple words, words like cat, rat, go.

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