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Benefits of separating with a toddler

benefits of separating with a toddler

Benefits of separating with a toddler

How independent is your child? Spending the night away from your child can seem even more difficult now that she’s older and able to verbally express herself. (“No go!”) But it’s healthy for parents to get away. If you’re thinking about a getaway, rest assured you’ll do no lasting harm to your child.

Short separations can seem upsetting to a 2-year-old when you part, but young preschoolers tend to be distractible enough to enjoy themselves once you’re gone — and the experience lets them take a baby step toward independence, learning they can weather a wee separation. Kids who have experience with brief separations become confident and secure when you leave, especially at this age, because their memories are better and they know that you’ll return. Turn to a relative or sitter you feel great about, reassure your child that you’ll be back soon — and try not to make all your candlelit conversations revolve around your preschooler back home.

Teaching your child to be independent

Basically, there are 7 various ways to teach how to foster independent play in toddlers

  • Give notice to the kid to make him understand that he needs to grow up. You may want to stop using phrases like “baby” and use “big kid” more.
  • identify opportunities by compiling a list of the things he could do by himself.
  • Make use of priorities so he doesn’t seem overwhelmed with tasks.
  • create more time. for instance, if it takes him 15 minutes to bath, then start 15 minutes earlier.
  • Forget that he would be perfect at first
  • Always reward and praise whenever there’s an opportunity to do so.
  • Consider circumstances. If kids are tired, sick, stressed or adjusting to a change, it’s not the time to introduce new responsibilities.


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