Bike safety rules for children

bike safety rules

Bike safety rules for children

If you feel like you’re doling out bandages(and make-it-better kisses) more than you used to, congratulations. You have a full-steam-ahead preschooler now. Two- and 3-year-olds get more scrapes and bumps because they’re moving faster and in new ways. She’s ready to ride a tricycle, for example, as well as “drive” plastic vehicles, chase after balls, and climb in more accurate ways. Tumbles tend to accompany all that speed because stopping is still harder than starting. Its very important to master and teach children basic bike safety rules early.

Most children master a tricycle between ages 2 and 3. It takes large-muscle power and coordination to manage this feat. Starting with a low-slung model made of plastic can help your child feel secure (it’s less likely to tip) and get the hang of moving his legs. Then you can move up to a taller trike if you like.

Your child won’t have the necessary balance and coordination for a two-wheeler until closer to the elementary-school years (some kids can handle training wheels before that, but rarely before the late threes).

Bike Safety tips for kids

Realize that low-to-the-ground vehicles can’t be seen easily by motorists backing up, so always supervise your little rider. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a child wear an approved safety bicycle helmet even in the preschooler years, and even when she’s a passenger on your bike — it protects her brain as well as gets her in the helmet habit right from the start. There are many reasons to wear a bike helmet.

Other rules include:

  • Make sure your child has the right equipment. the helmet must be her right size
  • Keep the bicycle in good repair. Always check the functionality of the bike especially the brakes
  • Make sure your child can be seen easily. keep her in view at all times
  • Teach your child safe control of the bicycle. guide her to master the the bike before leaving her on her own.
  • Make sure your child never wears headphones while riding. She needs to concentrate at all times.
  • Make sure your child wears the right clothing. it is very important not to wear a flowing gown so it does not hook in the bicycle wheel spoke.



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