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Bestselling children's books


 This is a classic children’s picture book, that is aimed at igniting the creativity of children, especially the talented ones.  This book will pass as the best children’s book of 2019. It is a story book for kids centered on John, an average American male, who lives with three funny cockroaches, Lintel, Speller and Tobi. These cockroaches do everything to live in peace with John, but just as every normal human, he tries so hard to kill them all. This popular children’s story book will entertain your children as well as inspire them to create their own stories based on their experiences.


 This is the kind of book every adult wish they had when the were kids. My world, My marketplace is not only for children, but adults can draw from it, especially those who wish to create a second income source. This explains the best way anyone can actually make money online or launch successful digital products. This digital marketing book is one of the classic children’s book that would continue to be relevant for a long time. In this book, your children will learn about affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing and how to sell digital and physical products from the comfort of their homes. the language is not difficult to understand and implement. Get this copy today before it is taken down.


 We at Pushaboo believe that the dream of the African child should be among the 100 best children books of all time. This book makes the list 2016 kid’s book as it tells the true story of an African child who rose from a timid background to become one of the richest in his African home. This book will teach children to pursue their dreams knowing that it would surely end in praise. This bestselling children’s book will motivate your children to believe and nurture their dreams and stay true to them. It would also teach them that initial failure is only a stepping stone to greatness. it would teach them to dream dreams and pursue them. written for children 12 years and above.


  We are offering this as a bonus to every one buying this collection of books. It is only available in PDF format, which can be assessed by any e-reader. This story book will teach your children to stand and fight for what they believe in and to say no to oppression and marginalization anywhere in the world. It would teach life virtues that will guarantee they live a happy and fulfilled life. This picture book will entertain as well as teach them to be expressive against injustice and to fight for a better human race.

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