17 Important Early pregnancy symptoms

Early pregnancy symptoms

Early pregnancy symptoms

Many women cannot tell for sure if they’re pregnant or not in the first few weeks of conception. This article will discuss early pregnancy symptoms, to teach everyone what to expect when they’re pregnant, especially in the first few weeks. This post will contain early pregnancy symptoms before missed period and symptoms of pregnancy in first month.

Some women begin to see certain symptoms while some don’t notice the changes going through their bodies. These symptoms varies between individuals and it also varies in intensity, duration and frequency.

Be mindful that these symptoms can be similar to pre-menstrual discomforts. It is advisable to have a pregnancy test to be sure or see a doctor.

Early pregnancy symptoms include;


One of the first symptoms of early pregnancy is swollen and tender breasts. This is usually caused by hormonal changes and it can happen as early as 2 weeks after conception.

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You may experience a slight vaginal bleeding or cramping as one of the early signs of pregnancy discharge. This early pregnancy discharge is when the fertilized egg aligns with the wall of the uterus. In medicine, this is known as implantation bleeding. This bleeding is lighter in color than a normal menstrual period and it generally does not last long. Depending on your body type, sometimes it comes with cramps and this is very similar to menstrual cramps.


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Tiredness is also common and one of the very early symptoms of pregnancy. This is usually caused by an increase in progesterone. In addition, a lower sugar-blood level and a low blood pressure can take away your energy and make you tired.


Commonly known as morning sickness in many climes, this is one of the basic symptoms of early pregnancy. This is as a result of the increase in the level of estrogen.



Pregnant women usually have a high sense of smell which can discomfort them and may also cause of them to have nausea.



A pregnant woman may like certain kinds of foods and dislike many others. This is due to the hormonal changes going through their system.



One moment you’re happy and the next moment you’re weeping. These mood swings is common with pregnant women in the first trimester due to hormonal changes.


  • Headaches are common and frequent especially in the first weeks of pregnancy.



Due to an increase in progesterone which causes food to digest more slowly, it is not out of place to have constipations. It is advised that you eat little food more often.



This is also common because once you become pregnant, your blood vessels dilate and your blood pressure drops which may cause you dizziness.



This is one of the easiest to identify and most obvious. Though it is still possible to have menstrual periods in the first two months, but you would notice also that they don’t last the way normal periods do.


  • Temperature will increase due to changes in body.


  • Increased heart rate may be experienced in the early weeks of conception. You need to see the doctor if you have any heart related problems before you became pregnant.


  • You are very likely to experience frequent urination because of the increase in the amount of blood pumped which increases the fluid the kidney processes.



Hormonal changes can cause the valve between your stomach and oesophagus to relax resulting in acid leak that may cause heartburn. You can prevent this by eating several small meals a day instead of one big meal.


  • You may start experiencing shortness of breath.



Some women may experience vaginal discharge. This may be thick and milky in color.


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