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How to take advantage of possessive form of baby

possessive form of baby

How to take advantage of possessive form of baby

Your big preschooler now identifies certain possessions as his and his alone: a favorite cup, his lovey, certain toys. This is called the toddler mine phase. He may think of his room as truly “his” special space, and his cubby at daycare in a similar way. Later, when your child learns to identify his name, he’ll love to see it on clothes and books. Keeping a collection is another way your child distinguishes himself, plus it helps him learn to categorize, compare, and sort objects.

Older preschoolers are as passionate about collecting things as adults. They may be trading in rocks instead of oil paintings, but the idea is the same. Developmentally, your preschooler is working hard to classify the world around him into groups and subgroups (mammals, cats, pet cats, white and yellow cats). Collecting suits this kind of mental function perfectly (big rocks, little rocks, white rocks, shiny rocks). Toy collections are fun, but a grown-up has to purchase them — your child can’t do it himself. That’s why so many starter collections tend to involve natural items (sticks, shells, feathers), because the child can be in control.

Give your child a special place to store her collection, such as a box or shelf. Encourage her to talk with you about it, which helps her articulate what she’s thinking. Ask, “Why did you pick that one?” and “Which are your favorites?”

Toddler mine phase

One may wonder when does the mine phase end? Your toddler’s possessive phase may end sooner or later but it all depends on the child. You just have to try to make him understand that he has to share without using the word share. ‘Taking turns’ would be a better phrase to use at this time. but be rest assured that this phase will pass.


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