NEED: Children’s need to be outdoors

children's need to be outdoors

Children’s need to be outdoors

It is very important to understand children’s need to be outdoors. its equally important to know what to do to stop them from going outdoors. Children need fresh air as much as he needs sleep and good food. Unfortunately, modern life has moved largely indoors. That’s why it’s important to build time into every day for your child to be in your backyard, a park, or a playground. Encourage your child to use outside time to run around and work his muscles. Being outdoors also provides sensory stimulation (the sun, the birds, the dirt) that can’t be replicated indoors.

Rain or shine, hectic day or slow one, your busy tot wakes up with boundless energy to work off.

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Playtime should include physical games that help him burn off energy and practice his skills such as balancing, catching a ball, and controlling his speed. Some fun physical games:

Follow the leader. Have your child follow you, and also imitate the kinds of steps you take. Go fast, then slow. Take big giant steps, then bitty steps. Hop like a kangaroo, leap like a dolphin, and slither like a snake.

Catch. It’s a classic that you can adjust to your child’s proficiency level. Start by rolling a big ball back and forth on the floor between your open legs. Switch to a smaller ball. Gradually increase the distance between you. Then see if your child is ready to catch a big ball thrown underhand; start by standing just a few inches apart.

Danceteria. Play different genres of music and encourage your preschooler to make up a dance that matches it. (All her dances might look the same, but that’s irrelevant.)

6 reasons children need to play outside

It is equally important to note the 6 reasons children need to play outside. These include:

  • sunshine
  • exercise
  • executive function
  • taking risks
  • Appreciation of nature
  • socialization

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