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I will discuss cr12x digitizer and 5302 drystar printer separately:


CR 12-X Affordable and efficient computed radiography solution offering high image quality and high speed The tabletop CR 12-X digitizer is based on proven Agfa HealthCare technology, with a modular yet robust design combining affordability with high image quality, adjustable speed and a user-tuned workflow. Versatile, this computed radiography (CR) digitizer can handle a broad range of digital radiography applications. The total cost of ownership remains low, thanks to its ease of WITH ITS SIMPLE YET SMART DESIGN, THE AFFORDABLE, COMPACT AND FAST CR 12-X DIGITIZER OFFERS AN IDEAL SOLUTION FOR CLINICS AND PRIVATE PRACTICES. THIS COSTEFFECTIVE ENTRY INTO DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY COMBINES HIGH IMAGE QUALITY WITH A WORKFLOW THAT ADDRESSES YOUR PRIORITIES. installation, maintenance and use, making it an affordable • Affordable and efficient computed radiography solution offering high image quality and high throughput. • Convenient and fast workflow, with user-controllable speed and resolution • Robust yet easy to install and maintain • Fits in small spaces and is suited for mobile applications • Networking capabilities deliver seamless integration With the CR 12-X, the user can choose to adjust speed and way to move from analog to digital. With the CR 12-X, clinics and private practices can take advantage of the convenient and fast workflow offered by digital radiography. Balancing speed and resolution resolution depending on the needs of the exam. The user can easily overwrite the default settings for each exam, depending on the specific speed/quality priorities, study by study. Agfa HealthCare’s intelligent MUSICA image processing automatically optimizes image quality. Convenient and fast workflow The CR 12-X works in conjunction with NX, Agfa HealthCare’s image identification and quality control tool, for a highly efficient and optimized, yet customizable, radiology workflow.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS – DRYSTAR 5302 high-quality images When you want a day-to-day hardcopy imager that meets all your imaging needs, look no further than the DRYSTAR 5302. Its robust design ensures long life and reliable operation, while the two on-line trays and table-top size ensure maximum flexibility and usability. It fits where you want it and adapts to your imaging needs, providing the affordable and reliable answer to your CR/DR printing requirements. Plus, you get the all high-value DRYSTAR family features, including Agfa’s A#Sharp-enhanced, award-winning Direct Digital Imaging technology (DDI); ecological and easy operation and maintenance; and straightforward, DICOM-native integration. DRYSTAR 5302 is the flexible solution to your daily tasks. GENERAL Dimensions & weight • Dimensions (W x D x H): 72,8 x 71,5 x 53,6 cm (H = 67,6 cm with output tray) (28,7 x 28,2 x 21,1 inch (H = 26,6 inch with output tray)) • Weight (without film): 90 kg (198 lb) Power requirements • Auto ranging 100 – 240 V: 50/60 Hz Power consumption • Printing: 250 Watt • Peak: 530 Watt • Standby: 70 Watt Capacity of supply trays • 100 sheets per supply tray Operating conditions • Temperature: 15 – 30 °C (59 – 86 °F) • Humidity: 20 – 75% RH, non-condensing Storage/Shipping conditions • Temperature: -25 to +55 °C (-11 to 131 °F) -40 to +70 °C for transport (-40 to 158 °F) • Humidity: 10 – 95% RH, non-condensing Safety • IEC 60601-1 • UL 60601-1 • CSA 22.2 no. 601.1-M90 • VDE 0750 • CCC GB4943 (China) • Safety labels UL, cUL, TÜV-Mark, CCC-Mark PERFORMANCE Throughput • 8 x 10 inch: 140 sheets/hour (26 sec. per sheet) • 11 x 14 inch: 86 sheets/hour (42 sec. per sheet) • 14 x 17 inch: 75 sheets/hour (48 sec. per sheet) • Access time first sheet: 77 sec. (14 x 17 inch – 12-bits) Diagnostic print area • 8 x 10 inch: 2376 x 3070 pixels • 10 x 12 inch: 3070 x 3653 pixels • 11 x 14 inch: 3348 x 4358 pixels • 14 x 17 inch: 4358 x 5232 pixels Printing resolution • Geometrical: 320 ppi • Contrast: 12 bits contrast resolution MEDIA Types • DRYSTAR DT2 B: blue base • DRYSTAR DT2 C: clear base Sizes • 8 x 10 inch, 10 x 12 inch, 11 x 14 inch, 14 x 14 inch and 14 x 17 inch



Agfa drystar films

Agfa drystar films 12×10