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Tips for soothing sore gum

Tips for soothing sore gum

Tips for soothing sore gum

It can seem like there’s no end to the things that wake a child up at night. Cutting molars is a common cause. It doesn’t last long, but it can really hurt. Offer something she can bite down on, like a cold wet washcloth. (Make sure it’s something big enough not to be a choking hazard. Frozen bagels, a popular remedy, aren’t great because large pieces can come off that a preschooler could choke on.

Your child’s last baby teeth, four “second molars,” usually appear between 20 and 33 months. (Some kids are still cutting their other teeth during the third year.) Molars tend to be especially painful since they are large. Sometimes they’re accompanied by mild fever. They may even cause your good sleeper to wake up crying in the night. Fortunately the pain doesn’t last more than a day or two per tooth.

Let your child gnaw on toys, his hands, or a frozen or very warm (not hot) wet washcloth if he’s inclined until the discomfort passes. Many physicians recommend against topical oral medications because they can lead a child to suck or gnaw the gum long enough to create a sore.

Mouthwash for sore gums

Warm 1 cup of water on the stove (not to boiling — just warm) and pour into a cool glass. Add 1 teaspoon salt to the warm water and mix well. Swish and rinse in your mouth, spitting water out into the sink when finished (please do not swallow).

The salt will help prevent the growth of bacteria in your mouth, and help decrease the bacteria on your gums which may be causing the swelling. Rinse with warm salt water at least twice per day until swelling subsides.



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